I am honored to receive endorsements from local, progressive groups.


Washington Teachers’ Union:

"In his position on the Board for the past four years, Joe Weedon has consistently supported causes championed by the WTU. Working closely with parents and schools he has tirelessly advocated for the Ward 6 community and schools all over the city. An active member of the Board, he serves on the ESSA Taskforce and was one of the three Board members to vote against the ESSA plan that included such a high percentage of schools’ evaluations to be based on PARCC scores. An active coalition builder, he has used his relationships with members of the Board to find common-sense solutions that benefit all of our schools. Joe understands our issues and has a demonstrated track record of aligning with the WTU’s positions. His opponent is supported by Democrats for Education Reform and has been employed by the Public Charter School Board, suggesting heavy ties to private interests."

The Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) represents over 5,000 teachers in Ward 6 and across the city. 


The JUFJ Campaign Fund.

Joe Weedon helped establish Serve Your City, supporting after school programming for students across DC, and is the only State Board of Education member with kids currently in a neighborhood public school. Along with Ruth Wattenberg (Ward 3) and Ward 8 member Markus Batchelor, Joe stands up to the administration’s PR spin about how quickly our schools are improving.

Learn more and get involved at: https://jufjcampaignfund.org/washington-dc/

The JUFJ Campaign Fund, a sister organization of Jews United for Justice, helps lead the fight on the critical social justice issues facing our city. 


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