I'm proud of the support that I've received from across #Ward 6.

All families and community members understand the value of having multiple, high-quality schools in every neighborhood.


Markus Batchelor, Ward 8 Representative, D.C. State Board of Education

I’m proud to support my friend and colleague, Joe Weedon, for re-election. Joe has been a steadfast advocate for neighborhood schools and for the resources every student needs to be successful. On the Board, he’s led on issues of equity and has demanded honest answers on behalf of DC families. Joe is an invaluable and needed voice on the D.C. State Board of Education.


Thank you for your endorsement, Markus! It means a lot coming from you, a strong education and community leader. It is an honor to work side-by-side with you to develop policy solutions to help improve schools, supports and outcomes for students in Ward 8 and Ward 6, including those students we share as families access choice across the city.

I’ve also enjoyed working together with you and with our other colleagues on the D.C. State Board of Education, city agencies, and the D.C. Council to enact change and ensure the voices of all of our communities are heard. I am working hard to get re-elected and I know that we can continue to work together on the goals we share for all of our communities, our families and our students.


Betsy Wolf, Ava Millstone, & Grace Hu

Southwest DC moms, former teachers, and advocates for educational equity


We are proud to support Joe Weedon. He understands first-hand the challenges that schools face as well as the structural issues with our education system. We trust him to be an advocate for all Ward 6 children.


I’ve served on local school advisory teams (LSATs) and made the same tough choices that parents and our school leaders across Ward 6 have to make each year. Our schools shouldn’t have to choose between a social worker and a science teacher. We need to simplify the budget process and empower communities to help them meet the goals they have for our students

When we support schools with resources and let parents and educators have a say, students win. Last year, for the first time, Amidon-Bowen had a reading and a math specialist, though only one was funded in the initial budget and the LSAT had to work to get the other position. The school then saw test scores rise showing what's possible when we invest in our students. I will continue to stand with you as we fight for resources and equity across our Ward and our city.


Denise Krepp, Commissioner, ANC 6B10

I support Joe Weedon because he holds DC school leaders accountable for their actions. Joe questioned why the former DCPS Chancellor used his positional power to bend rules. Others stayed silent. Joe is advocating for greater oversight of DCPS by the DC Council while others accept the status quo. Joe's a leader and I encourage folks to re-elect him in November.

Thank you, Denise! While I work with the administration and other education leaders daily, I will continue to be an independent voice on the Board and will not forget that I work our community. We must hold our city's educational leaders accountable for their actions and ensuring that all students have access to multiple, high-quality learning environments. 


Maurice Cook, Executive Director and Founder, Serve Your City

Joe is one of the most caring, highly-informed education advocates we have in Washington DC. In my role as a leader for a local, youth-serving nonprofit that focuses on educational equity for Ward 6 students, I fully support and endorse Joe to continue to serve as our Ward 6 representative on the DC State Board of Education.

Maurice, thank you for your support. I've learned greatly from our work together. Every student, regardless of their zip code, should have access to great learning experiences inside as well as outside of school. I will continue to ensure that every decision that I make is based in equity. Every student should have the supports and resources they need to be successful in school and in life. 


Lorén Cox, Ward 6 community member, Board member of Chavez Schools

I appreciate that Joe truly uses his experience as a parent and a community member to inform his work on the State Board. He centers his work on uplifting the voices of students and parents to help address the issues that are most important to them. He's a true partner for families in improving schools.

Thank you, Lorén. Parents don't simply want choices, they want great choices. My most important role as your State Board of Education Representative is to listen, learn and then work together toward a collaborative vision of public education in #Ward6 and across the District that puts the interests of students first. I want all schools in our community to be become a part of their neighborhood and be able to provide well-rounded educational opportunities for every child.

I have worked with school leaders who are new to Ward 6 establish partnerships with organizations that support their missions. When Washington Global came to Ward 6, I met with ANC members to ease concerns about routes from the school to the metro and helped Serve Your City form a relationship with the school to ensure students have access to great experiences outside the classroom.


Ayako Sato, Shaw Resident

Shaw is often overlooked by elected officials because we're in Ward 6, but no one thinks of us as really being a part of Ward 6. My State Board of Education representative for Ward 6, Joe Weedon, has not forgotten about Shaw and the unique issues concerning education in this area. He has advocated for the reopening of Shaw Middle School, which is important to many Shaw families who want a great neighborhood middle school option for their kids. He has helped me personally when I found out that our long-time and beloved after school program at our neighborhood school was being shuttered for lack of funding. I will not forget how he has helped me in the past, and that is why I am supporting Joe in his re-election efforts.

Thank you for your support, Ayako. Parents in Shaw want a neighborhood middle school where there is none today. As a DC public school parent, I understand that every family should have high-quality learning choices, including their neighborhood school and a clear pathway to graduation. Ten years ago I began working with the city on a ward-wide middle school plan. While there have been improvements in middle schools across the city, there is more work to do. I have stood and will continue to stand with the Shaw community in advocating for the neighborhood middle school that they want and deserve. 


Please add your endorsement telling everyone why you support Joe! 

We'd love to have your support & your vote on November 6th.


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