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Sworn in on January 2, 2015, Joe Weedon serves on the DC State Board of Education, representing Ward 6.

Joe, Amy, and their children, Malia and William, live a few blocks north of Lincoln Park. For over a decade, Joe has worked with our Ward 6 school leaders, helping to support parents and students. His years of service to our neighborhood means he knows the issues our schools and children confront on a daily basis. As a parent, Joe has faced the same decisions as other parents as they choose the best education for their families.

Outside of his work on the Board, Joe is active in our community. Joe has served as a volunteer coach for Capitol Hill Little League and can often be found helping out on the diamond. He volunteers at Eliot-Hine MS and Eastern HS leading the schools’ Rocketry Clubs and at Eastern HS serving as a mentor to help students prepare for internship opportunities. Joe's children will both attend middle school in the fall at Eliot-Hine MS where he is active on the PTO and School Improvement Team (SIT). Joe serves on the Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) at Eastern HS and has previously served on SITs and LSATs for other schools in the community. Joe also serves on the boards of two local non-profit organizations. 

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Professionally, Joe currently serves as Executive Director of Companies for Causes, a non-profit organization working to engage socially-minded CEOs of closely held small and mid-sized companies to make a collective impact on our community. In this role, Joe has helped engage for-profit businesses in our city's schools, both public and public charter, and supported the establishment of new organizations designed to combat issues facing our communities.

Joe began his career in the District nearly two decades ago as a legislative aid in the Illinois Governor’s Washington, DC Office where he supported the state’s goals on education and criminal justice issues. After several years working on national policy related to criminal justice, including efforts to end the death penalty, Joe returned to education policy supporting campaigns to expand child care and early education across the nation. This allowed him to work in DC where he supported the establishment of the District’s Pre-K for All program.

Joe began his involvement in our Ward 6 schools after attending a 2004 meeting where DCPS leaders proposed the closure of Maury Elementary. He worked with other community leaders to mobilize support to keep the school open and, ultimately, made the choice to enroll his children at Maury. Since that time, Joe has worked hand-in-hand with parents from across Ward 6 to help solve the challenges that our individual schools have faced. He has testified before the Council to help ensure that we have experienced, high-quality teachers in every classroom, to ensure each student has access to computers and other technology they need, and to move school modernization and stabilization projects forward with the community’s voice at the table. He is committed to ensuring that every student has multiple options to receive the rich, well-rounded education that they deserve. He's an outspoken advocate for efforts to close the District's achievement gaps and is committed to ensuring that all students have access to multiple high-quality options for their children's education.

Prior to his election to the State Board of Education, Joe also served on the Office of the State Superintendent of Education's (OSSE) Title I Committee of Practitioners and helped to establish Serve Your City, which supports after school programming for students across our city.

Joe graduated from the University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign. He earned a Masters degree in political science from Illinois and his MBA from the University of Maryland @ College Park.


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